Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings
Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings

Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings

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"Key words: Wholeness, communication and spiritual expansion.

Chakras: Throat (5th).

Element: Storm.

Physical: Increases life force in the body, supports  blood oxygenation.

Emotional: Encourages self-forgiveness and the release of useless regrets.

Spiritual: Inspire one to act out of truth, compassion and forgiveness.


Turquoise is a copper aluminium phosphate mineral with a triclinic crystal structure and a hardness of 5 to 6. Its striking blue color is caused by copper. The name means "Turkish stone".

Turquoise is a stone of wholeness and truth, and it aids in the communication and manifestation of those qualities. It stimulates and harmonizes the throat chakra, making it easier for one to articulate one's deepest wisdom. Because it is a stone of wholeness, Turquoise is also beneficial to overall well-being. It is balancing and induces a sense of serenity and peace. Holding or wearing Turquoise can help one restore depleted vitality and lift sagging spirits. This stone has the capacity to heal the emotional body, relieve stress and bring the focal point of awareness to its proper center in the heart. Turquoise teaches the wisdom of compassion and forgiveness. Through its heightening of emotional intelligence, Turquoise demonstrates that when one releases one's insistence on "justice" and views others through the lens of compassion and forgiveness, one immediately receives those gifts through one's own heart."

Source: "The Pocket Book of Stones; Who They Are & What They Teach" - Robert Simmons


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