Symbolic Journey was created in 1995 in the famous beach side town of Noosa, Queensland and has since then helped both locals and visitors from throughout the world on their own symbolic and spiritual journeys. Since 2004 the store has been owned and managed by Susie Harwood, who has ensured that Symbolic Journey continues to evolve and keep pace with the modern spiritual world.
An exciting collection of products - crystals, spiritual books, tarot and oracle cards, jewellery, incense, essential oils, himalayan salt lamps, Tibetan singing bowls, feng shui products, meditation and hypnosis CDs, inspirational DVDs and so much more - lines the shelves of our Noosa store. We constantly take into account feedback from our customers, so as to improve the quality and variety of our products and thus meet their demands and needs.
Symbolic Journey also maintains a service providing trustworthy and accurate psychic readings; one of our three professional readers is always present in the store. Please call or message us to book a session.